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Naples and the Amalfi Coast

A culinary tour

Naples and the Amalfi Coast. A culinary tour of the city and nearby seaside townsNaplesWelcome to Naples! A city that gets a bad rep but has so much to offer. Especially when we’re talking about food. To begin, start with Naples’ famous rum babà. It's a soft airy cake/pastry in the shape of a mushroom, soaked in a delicious rummy…

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Why you should visit Naples

A taste of Italy

Even if you've been to many Italian cities, nothing prepares you for Naples. The entire population seems to be in the streets. The five-towered Castel Nuovo, also known as the Maschio Angioino, was the residence of kings and viceroys of Naples. Its history reflects the various rulers. The Museo Archeologico Nazionale holds one of the world's…

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Flavours, history and colours mixed with joy

Naples, overlooking Vesuvius

There are thousands of reasons to visit Italy, not only for monuments and traditions that are still feel-able, touchable and more alive than ever, it's for the present that reflects and it's for the future that will be based on the greatest past ever. Italy is not only for Rome, where La Dolce vita was born, where the most common and delicious…

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Marvelous Baia

Stunning sea among ancient sculptures

You can spend your whole life in Italy and still don't know all of its hidden treasures and amazing places. Baia is one of these treasures, a magnificent and unique Roman ruin site underwater. Yes, I said underwater. Just imagine how marvelous and exciting it is to dive in a clear blue stunning sea among ancient sculptures, still preserved floor…

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Shop til you drop in Naples!


After all the festivals and celebrations, eating, and new year's all challenges, how to pull yourself together and make you keep on going?? That's why January is a sales month, all the shops goes down with the prices, and make your soul a bit happier... Italy is one of the best countries for the shopping, million people getting there just to get…

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Italian speciality Naples

Original buffalo mozzarella

There are many things, with which Italy has earn its fame or quality, mostly is about the food, the Pizza and Pasta of course come first, being not so die-tic , but Italians love quality, many products are with high quality, using a lot of veg and fruit, that's their vitamins, they don't buy some in the pharmacy, all comes from markets and farmer,…

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Neapolitan Crib December

Traditional figurines

Visiting Italy on Christmas? Great idea, Naples, even seems to be a paradise, you can not imagine what the town looks like during this period, plus plenty markets, one of the is very famous,. Called Neapolitan Crib, it was invented to describe the tradition, which would represent a world of its own. Naples is considered as one of the…

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Naples in three days

Day One: Pompeii and Vesuvius

Visiting Naples isn't just about the city center; the bay of Naples has a huge amount to offer and something to suit just about any tourist. Here�s a good suggestion for how you could spend three days in and around Naples. Day One: Pompeii and Vesuvius Doing Pompeii and Vesuvius in one day is not for the feint hearted, but follow our plan…


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